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Tag: 2015 MSA Presidential Election

Seven stories likely to make news this fall at MU

After an eventful 2015–16 school year, this fall brings the possibility of more newsworthy events regarding administration and campus life.

MSA Operations looks into removal of chief justice

Proposed legislation clarifies the removal procedure, but Senate cannot impeach Chief Justice Whitney Barr while she is out of state.

Ignite Mizzou lives up to its name

Now that the elections are over, let’s take a look back at Payton Head and Brenda Smith-Lezama’s term.

Maneater endorsement prioritizes the wrong issues

MSA’s most pressing issue is the issue of diversity on campus.

Flaws in MSA highlighted by 2015 election

Interim President Payton Head: “I think it's disrespectful of him to attack me and to attack the association considering he's caused all of this harm to our association already.”

Ambiguity is a double-edged sword

The BEC’s vaguely written infraction section could come with repercussions.

Former CCRC chairman and presidential candidate Syed Ejaz says goodbye to MSA

Syed Ejaz: “If you were just a fly on the wall you’d think that we would definitely be running but deep down I don’t think anybody really wanted to.”

Do better, MSA

Student activist Hannah Feagan expresses her frustration with MSA Senate.

Special election will set a precedent

Students’ trust towards MSA is about to be tested once again.

A Q&A with MSA’s new interim vice president Bill Vega

Vega: “You don’t have to be in an official position, you don’t have to be a vice something or an interim whatever, you can come pop in and say, ‘Hey, this is something I’d like to see done better.’”

How MSA Senate toppled their president-elect

Senators began planning Gomez’s removal during a Operations Committee meeting Tuesday night.

Students reproach Haden Gomez during open forum at MSA senate meeting

BEC Vice Chairman Mark McDaniel said: “If we had the information that we had today back in November, Chris, Haden... you would have been removed from the election.”

Haden Gomez and Chris Hanner resign, Payton Head and Bill Vega are interim leaders

Less than 24 hours after evidence surfaced of campaign infractions, MSA President-elect Haden Gomez and Vice President-elect Chris Hanner stepped down.

Community reacts to Gomez/Hanner misconduct

Legion of Black Collegians’ letter: “It is clear now that those involved with this campaign have no intent of helping to eradicate the bigoted and racist problems that have plagued this campus and greater community for so long.”

MSA needs to nullify election and hold another

In light of the new incriminating GroupMe messages, it’s clear Haden Gomez and Chris Hanner should’ve been disqualified before the announcement Nov. 19.

After MSA presidential election, members call for reform

2015 BEC Chairwoman Emma Henderson responds to criticism from vice chairwoman Bridget Everson.

Screenshots shed light on Gomez/Hanner campaign infractions

The screenshots were taken from a GroupMe with Haden Gomez, Chris Hanner, Josh Boehm and Natalie Edelstein.

MSA committee seeks presidential ouster

Three resolutions seek outcomes from nullifying election to appointing runners-up.

Former MSA presidential candidate Syed Ejaz denied as Operations chairman

Senate Speaker Kevin Carr said he intends to invite Ejaz for another interview with the committee.

MSA lacks answers on elected senators who didn’t run for a seat

MSA Senate Speaker Kevin Carr said he had never seen this happen and did not know how the student’s information was submitted.