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Hundreds march through Columbia in anti-Trump peace walk

Organizer Audrey Lockwood: “It’s the only thing that has given me true hope since the results. You don’t feel alone anymore when this many people in a community help you accomplish something for peace.”

Election-watch party hosted at Blue Note where mainly Clinton supporters came to watch the results

The party, hosted by Boone County Democrats, played NBC election coverage live.

A look back on some of the most meme-able moments of the election

The United States is on fire, but these memes are pretty funny.

Computer program analyzes presidential candidates’ rhetoric

Program creator Dale Musser: “At the point I was looking at this data, I realized at the vice-presidential debate there were 399 statements. That seems like a lot for an hour and a half."

MU professor reaches international recognition for his knowledge of political debates

Director of MU’s Political Communications Institute Mitchell McKinney: “I’ve been a political junkie my whole life.”

Trump’s nomination leaves the GOP with a tough choice

The Republican Party can either continue to divide or wake up and work to prevent a dangerous candidate from taking office.

Youth vote could decide Boone County

Clinton and Trump are positioned to face off in “a time for choosing.”

MU senior explains his support for Donald Trump

Will Pierson: “When you listen to him talk, you get the sense that he really does want what’s best for the country.”

Iowa caucus proved no frontrunner is guaranteed a win

After Trump’s loss and Sanders’ near victory on Monday, there’s no telling how the next competition will end.

Presidential candidates plan to reform a corrupt VA

In 2014, an estimated 40 veterans died awaiting health care in VA facilities.

Presidential candidates to reform higher education

Revenue from cures found at the facility would go toward bridge infrastructure, grants for college, health care, and tax refunds for Missourians.

Candidates are talking race issues for 2016

In a time of high racial tension in the U.S., 2016 candidates are talking about the sensitive issues.

Mid-Missouri for Bernie Sanders hosted watch party Tuesday

The debate proved to be less heated than the Republican debates, with candidates and attendees agreeing on many issues.

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders rising in the presidential polls

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is gaining national attention for his socialistic ideals, and his support is rising as Hillary Clinton’s is dropping.

Pope Francis’ views show tendency toward neither major political party

Mizzou Democrats spokeswoman Jordan Pellerito said she liked that the pope discussed a wide variety of political issues instead of just abortion.

Bernie Sander’s supporters bernin’ up downtown

The corner of Broadway Street and Ninth Street was taken over with supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Oct. 11.

Scott Walker drops bid for presidency

Walker became the second Republican to drop out of the race on Sept. 21 after he fell to the bottom of the CNN/ORC poll with less than 1 percentage of support from likely Republican voters.

MU students react to second GOP debate

In the wake of the second televised GOP debate, MU students share their comments and criticism.