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MSA Operations Committee denies Willett/Englert’s first cabinet appointee

Twelve students submitted anonymous depositions to the committee regarding the candidate, Leslie Parker.

News at the ZOU: March 13 Quiz

Missouri baseball’s win streak, MSA election outcomes, an audit report and more in this week’s news quiz.

Willett/Englert win MSA election after overturned expulsion

The election had a turnout of more than 8,000 students, the largest in MSA history.

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A voters’ guide to the 2017 MSA presidential election

Vote at Polls close at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Stockton/Gulati withdraws from MSA election

The slate endorsed the Willett/Englert campaign Saturday morning.

Schafer and de Leon hope to ‘Make It Matter’ in MSA campaign

Major platform points include affordable housing and sexual assault prevention through It’s On Us.

Willett/Englert MSA bid aims to bring ‘Tigers Together’

MSA presidential candidate Nathan Willett: “We never played the politics, and we never want to.”

'It Starts With Us,' say MSA candidates Stockton and Gulati

The MSA slate prioritizes inclusivity, sexual assault prevention, MSA reform and student services.

Top five moments from the second MSA presidential debate

Each slate said it is on the students to get more involved in student government.

MSA candidates raise thousands in pursuit of presidency

BEC Chairwoman Brooke Wiggins: “I think we have created barriers for running in MSA. People assume now that you have to spend a lot of money to be able to run for an MSA position.”

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FAQs: The MSA presidential election

From the cost of running to how it affects you, here are the answers to your MSA election questions.

Top five moments from the first MSA presidential debate

Nathan Willett said he does not support MSA’s resolution calling MU to divest from prison labor, and Tori Schafer said more information needs to be gathered before making a statement.