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Tag: 2018 MSA Election

The Briefing: Wopata and McAteer voted MSA president and VP

Julia Wopata and Connor McAteer won with a vote of 1,333 to 170.

MSA voter turnout significantly lower compared to previous years

7,045 fewer people voted this year compared to last year.

Top five takeaways from final MSA presidential debate

Presidential candidates Robert Schmidt and Julia Wopata debated MSA issues at the second and final debate.

Top five takeaways from first MSA presidential debate

The two presidential slates, Wopata/McAteer and Schmidt/Kahveci, debated MSA and social justice issues at the first MSA presidential debate.

The Briefing: MSA special presidential election campaigning starts off slow

Candidates chose not to release their platforms during the first week of campaigning.

MSA passes special election handbook

Candidates can file March 22 and polls open April 16.

The Briefing: Three candidates have dropped from MSA race

Each slate can still run for the presidency as a single ticket.

MSA changes filing date for presidential election

The change comes following an insufficient number of student signatures from potential candidates.