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Loftin’s new position focuses on connecting faculty with research opportunities

R. Bowen Loftin: “People seem to think I’m doing nothing, which is totally false. I’ve been very busy since all this happened back in November.”

Improving AAU status is a long-term game following budget cuts, leadership changes

MU spokesman Christian Basi: “AAU status would not be directly affected by any cuts to our budget. However, in the long term, it could be difficult to maintain some of the areas that support our high quality research and teaching.”

Amount of hours professors spend teaching questioned

Schaefer said he wants to see faculty workload considered as a factor to determine if MU is improving its AAU ranking.

Meet the three MSA presidential slates

The slates address a variety of issues from increasing affordability in housing and dining to advocating for mental health and social justice issues to better the lives of MU students.

Low reporting numbers highlighted in AAU campus climate survey

Of the 78.8 percent of female victims of penetration by force, 61 percent did not believe the incident was serious enough to report.

Student leaders speak out on AAU survey

Over one-third of MU senior women have experienced unwanted sexual contact while at MU.

Task force formed to look at AAU survey results

Almost one-third of MU senior women have experienced unwanted sexual contact while at MU.

Stigma against boasting might limit MU faculty success

Faculty say the “culture of modesty” limits potential to win awards.

Faculty buyout is an opportunity but also a danger

The retirement of 110 tenured faculty provides MU a rare opportunity to rethink diversity and its priorities during the hiring process.

Faculty committee finds large differences in raise distribution across campus

A council survey found faculty, on average, believe the raise process isn’t fair and does not improve faculty morale.

Provost must be a voice for faculty, students

Representing all faculty members and improving all areas of MU academics should be the future provost’s main goals.

Third provost candidate envisions AAU excellence, shared governance

Several faculty members expressed concern that AAU metrics are not representative of non-STEM departments.

Provost candidate Wiencek discusses diversity, sexual violence policy, AAU

Wiencek is currently the interim provost of the Virginia Commonwealth University.

MU announces buyout plan for tenured, retirement eligible

Basi said the UM System and MU currently estimate to spend about $10 million in buyouts.

Human Environmental Sciences dean plans to retire

Jorgensen is the third dean to announce his retirement this year.

MU named a preferred defense contractor

The partnership would allow MU to sidestep the formal bidding process for defense contracts.

Alumni Association names new president

W. Dudley McCarter said alumni support is essential to MU’s membership in the AAU, and hopes to create a new student-recruiting system to gain additional alumni support.

Delafontaine named new School of Medicine dean

Delafontaine has 37 years of experience in both clinical work and education.

MU budgets reallocated for strategic plan

The MU Strategic Operating Plan could be essential for MU to maintain its membership in the Association of American Universities.

Loftin provides strategic plan updates to UM Curators

Hiring John Boyer, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, has improved MU’s membership standing score in the AAU by 12.5 percent.