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Organizations emphasize cultural mindfulness during Halloween season

The Asian American Association partners with Four Directions to define and examine appropriation in American culture.

Asian American Association starts the year off with annual UnificAsian event

UnificAsian draws in new members for the Asian American Association from across MU.

Prospects and plans for AAA under Daphne Yu's new leadership

Daphne Yu replaces Victoria Yu as the new president / Executive members expect a smooth transition

Asian American Association discusses mental health challenges

Some students said they felt that the MU administration needs to do more regarding mental health.

AAA focuses on inclusivity at UnificAsian

AAA President Yu said she wanted to accomplish the same feeling she had when she experienced the event last year.

Yu returns after Pham resigns AAA presidency

Pham announced his resignation on the organization's Facebook page Aug. 29.

Angry Asian Man blogger visits MU

As a part of Asian American Awareness Month, Phil Yu will give a presentation in Leadership Auditorium on Tuesday.

AAA hosts Asian American Awareness Month

Activities throughout the month range from a theater performance to a formal dance.

AAA makes difference in MKT stream

The organization sent seven members to clean the stream Saturday afternoon.