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Sophomore among two suspects arrested in Aspen Heights shooting

Leonard Jordan and MU sophomore Christopher Herron were arrested Sept. 27.

Columbia crime takes center stage at Aspen Heights forum

Community members, other housing complexes and police officers also attended the meeting.

Aspen Heights caps students’ utilities

Some tenants were concerned high electric bills pointed to poor insulation.

Housing in Columbia expands; many factors affect the development of city

Two new student housing complexes will be coming to Columbia within the next year.

Other Aspen Heights locations see similar crime, construction issues

Locations in Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia also saw problems.

Aspen Heights residents all moved in; series of crimes sparks regulations

Residents who have been delayed moving in since summer were able to move into their homes Oct. 5.

Aspen Heights still working on housing students after construction delays

Some tenants experienced further delays regarding the features Aspen Heights had promised them.

Some tenants able move into Aspen Heights after delays

Currently, 80 individuals are still waiting to move into their new homes at Aspen Heights.

Aspen Heights' construction delays continue

Almost 600 students will be moving in Aug. 17.

Aspen Heights 80 beds short for Fall 2013

The luxury housing complex is still signing leases for fall despite the building delay.

Students should remember Aspen Heights' past

Aspen Heights development to begin construction in Columbia

The luxury housing development will replace the Regency mobile home park.