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ASUM encourages students to register to vote on National Voter Registration Day

Volunteers with the Associated Students of the University of Missouri helped register voters and provided voting information at various locations around campus.

Mizzou College Democrats and ASUM host debate watch party

Mizzou College Democrats and ASUM held a debate watch party in Leadership Auditorium.

National Voter Registration Day at MU pushes students to register to vote

ASUM and MSA come together to organize National Voter Registration Day event at MU to educate and register students to vote Sept. 24.

MU student volunteers organize voter registration event for National Voter Registration Day

MU organizations collaborated in helping students register to vote for the midterms.

Missouri legislators to hear bill that would allow concealed carry on public college campuses

Rep. Jered Taylor’s bill aims to reduce the number of gun-free zones in the state, eliminating college campuses, businesses, churches and the state Capitol from the list of banned places.

ASUM pushes for confirmation of curators’ student representative

Incoming ASUM Executive Director Steven Chaffin: “We’re undergoing the process of selecting a new UM System president, and we’re seeing that students aren’t going to stand to not have their voices heard at the administrative level.”

MU student to serve on Board of Curators in the upcoming year

Current representative Tracy Mulderig: “The new student representative will have the responsibility of helping all campuses move forward and heal.”

MU organizations allow for political education and involvement

Students can utilize resources on campus to learn about and get involved with local, state and national politics.

MSA, ASUM-UMKC testify against HB 104

MSA passed a resolution Wednesday night opposing the passage of House Bill 104.

It’s (seriously) time for a student vote on Board of Curators

We deserve for our student representative to have a vote, and a weight on the board commensurate with that vote.

ASUM continues lobbying legislators for student curator vote

Since 2002, 27 bills have tried and failed to place a voting student member on the Board of Curators.

McKee, Waters, Mumford renovations remain unfunded

Renovations for McKee, Waters and Mumford could take a while to begin as the state legislature debates funding.

TAPP, ASUM register 700 students for midterm election

With voter registration now over, TAPP and ASUM turn their efforts to educating the campus about the election and contemporary political issues.

NAACP, others host political forum in Ellis Auditorium

The hashtag #KnowForNov was used to field audience questions during the event, though many waited until the end to ask the individuals questions.

ASUM elects new president, TAPP and ASUM makes plans to merge

Trey Sprick, one of the founding members of Tigers Against Partisan Politics, will lead the Associated Students of the University of Missouri next year.

ASUM-backed initiative could give students a seat on the Board of Curators

If it passes through the petition process, the initiative will be on the 2014 ballot.

ASUM 2013-2014 legislative platform demonstrates need for funds, student curator

The core funding request amounts to $434.6 million.

MSA, ASUM host Kill the Bill? rally on HB253 veto

The vote to override the veto is set for Sept. 11.

Nixon speaks against education funding cuts, defends other vetoes

MSA will host a Kill the Bill rally Sept. 5 in support of Nixon’s veto of HB253.

Former MSA legislative coordinator Ben Levin prepares to lead ASUM

Levin plans to revamp ASUM and work with MSA.