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Ahmed’s homemade clock was never about a bomb threat

Islamophobia is an increasing problem as illustrated by the arrest of teenager Ahmed Mohammed last week.

Obama tackles student debt

With President Obama’s plan, the remaining amount of an undergraduate’s debt will be removed after 20 years.

The danger of a divided government

After multiple attempts to diminish the president’s authority, it’s time for Congress to stop being petty and start being productive.

UM System hospitals increase patients, revenue after Affordable Care Act

Eight million Americans signed up for insurance during the first open enrollment period.

News, coffee and an apology

With major issues to consider in our world today, it’s sad to see news outlets reporting on, well, “Latte Salutes.”

Suffering Political Mudblood Syndrome

Many Americans don’t believe in Obama’s plan to defeat ISIS, but they should.

Hope we’re still believing in

With all that’s happening in the world and at home, tradition and identity seem to be undefined in the United States.

White House endorses McCaskill sexual assault campaign

Missouri’s U.S. Senator applauded Vice President Joe Biden’s support.

Health insurance advocates push last-minute enrollment

The deadline for marketplace enrollment is March 31.

Obama announces college rating plan that would affect higher education funding

The president hopes to have the system in place by the 2015 school year.

Obama talks economy in Warrensburg

The president lauded the Missouri Innovation Campus at the University of Central Missouri.

Obama, Nixon to speak at UCM on Wednesday

The event will establish Obama’s policy goals for the fall.

Presidential debates educate first-time voters on issues

The first presidential debate was the most-tweeted political event in history.

Obama, Romney argue foreign and domestic issues in second debate

The debate was moderated by CNN's Candy Crowley.

Akin to stay in Senate race

He confirmed his candidacy in Chesterfield on Friday.

First Lady declines visit to MU

Michelle Obama declined an invitation to speak at the Spring Life Sciences Symposium.

James Carville is right: White House should be panicking

Obama’s not-stimulus stimulus

Obama's 2012 re-election chances fading

MSA president reaches out to the White House

The call was made between student body presidents across the country and President Obama.