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Top moments from the MSA Special Election debate

Voting will begin on at 8 a.m Feb. 29 and close at 5 p.m. March 2. The announcement will be held at Traditions Plaza on March 2.

MSA slates debate campus safety, advocacy, internal changes

The next MSA debate is scheduled for Nov. 6 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

New BEC handbook promotes competition, creativity

The Board of Elections Commissioners are prepared to oversee a fair election while promoting more freedom for each slate.

BEC handbook passed after talks of reform, but under time constraints

A number of amendments to the handbook seek to deregulate the MSA presidential election and promote “more competition,” BEC chairman Derek Chung said.

Maass, Catalano issued second major infraction by the BEC

The BEC issued a second major infraction after the terms of the first infraction were violated.

MSA presidential slate issued major infraction

Spencer Maass and Shelby Catalano accepted the major infraction issued to them.

Maass/Catalano targets women with new ad

The ad features a silhouette of a woman in a seductive pose.

MSA shakes up election bylaws

The Board of Elections Commissioners aimed to address problems confronted in 2010's MSA presidential election.

MSA, BEC to make changes in election process

The changes were proposed after judicial issues delayed this year's election.

Woods-Moon wins MSA presidential election

Eric Woods and Emily Moon received 40 percent of the student vote.

Investigation of BEC will fall to new MSA inspector general

The former officer said he did not want politics to harm the office.

MSA voting begins with Travis-Horan back on ballot

The website for online voting will remain open until 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Two candidates or three? Student Court to decide

The court will choose to uphold or repeal a decision from MSA's elections commissioners keeping Travis-Horan off the ballot.

Pending Student Court decision, Travis off MSA ballot

Travis says the Board of Elections Commissioners has mishandled complaints against his slate.

UPDATE: Complaint against Hansen-Oxenreider dropped

The complaint pertained to campaign fliers covering other MSA presidential slates' fliers.

Campaigning privileges revoked for Travis-Horan

The action does not affect the slate's standing on the MSA presidential ballot.

Judicial issue delays MSA presidential election

Online voting for the election will begin Nov. 15.

BEC handbook changes restrict campaigning in res halls

The changes also include a stricter infraction policy.

MSA senate adds step in legislation approval process

The bill will prevent backup of legislation.

MSA, BEC considered sanctioning exploratory committee

Sophomore Josh Travis' exploratory committee for his potential campaign might have gone against MSA bylaws.