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In making more room for students, MU libraries will move more print materials off-site

While the MU library administration plans on continuing its expansion of resources and space available to students, it comes at the cost of moving its vast print collection.

Parisian lifestyle books reinforce feminine stereotypes

The popular genre has produced multiple manuals with the same life advice.

Discover new books and more at the Columbia Public Library book sale

The Friends of the Columbia Public Library are selling hundreds of donated books for a worthy cause.

MU associate professor Catherine Rymph's new book about the history of American foster care to come out in October

Postdoctoral teaching fellow Cassandra Yacovazzi: “Her book raises the question of what our responsibility is to the community and the children in the community in which we live.”

Choi announces investment in cost-free academic resources

The UM System president spoke about Online Educational Resources and AutoAccess online texts at The Mizzou Store Wednesday afternoon.

Beyond the buns: Carrie Fisher as a writer

No topic of her life hides from the spotlight.

Six books every college student should read

Stimulate your mind with these thought-provoking novels.

National Novel Writing Month sparks creativity among aspiring Columbia novelists

200 local participants hope to complete the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

New book by history professor examines fragile masculinity in postwar America

Professor Steven Watts: “What I began to discover was that Kennedy, in the public realm, offered a kind of antidote to that great fear of the weakening of American men.”

Twelve things to binge watch, read and listen to over break

Whether you love reading or watching TV, there’s something for you.

State Historical Society of Missouri to relocate in favor of larger space

Its current space can only show one half of one percent of what the historical society holds.

Make a MOVE this weekend

From “Deadpool” to “Stone Cold,” here’s what MOVE recommends for your weekend.

Black, White and Read: The art of bathroom reading

Don’t be ashamed — MOVE columnist Katherine Rosso has done it, and you should too.

Black, White and Read: A love affair with Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has stayed with Columnist Katherine Rosso since middle school, and she’s not giving her up just yet.

Black, White and Read: Looking back on these three books for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to look back and be grateful, and these books have definitely made their impact.

Black, White and Read: Great books hidden in the shadows

MOVE columnist Katherine Rosso uncovers novels that definitely deserve more recognition

Black, White and Read: November means NaNoWriMo

November is National Novel Writing Month, and MOVE columnist Katherine Rosso is facing it head-on.

Black, White and Read: “Gilmore Girls” is back, so here is the best of Rory Gilmore’s booklist

We like coffee only with our oxygen, too. Rory Gilmore’s booklist epitomizes the best of literature.

Thnks fr th memoir-ies

There’s a lot to learn from these three acclaimed authors’ personal tales.

Black, White and Read: funny people writing funny memoirs

David Sedaris, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling bring a personal touch to their written work.