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MU Space Reduction Plan to demolish buildings, removing 750,000 gross square feet of building space

Deficient buildings would require renovations and maintenance across campus, totalling $841 million.

Preservation project addresses exterior, interior Jesse Hall dome fixtures

Scaffolding around the Jesse Hall dome went up last spring to repair aspects affected by water damage.

Campus Facilities staff tackles winter storm tree damage

Since the landscape service department of Campus Facilities handles botanic garden damages and snow removal, winter storms have a large effect on the staff.

Short-term, long-term facility renovations considered by curators

A $100 million multi-phase plan was proposed to renovate or replace outdated research buildings.

Recycling bins replace trash cans in new Low Waste Initiative

Assistant Director of Campus Facilities Matthew Maher: “The new program will hopefully raise awareness about what can be recycled.”

Curators discuss moving forward after ‘challenging times’ in the UM System

The curators also discussed MU campus developments and tuition and fee increases.

Low state revenue stymies 50-50 fund match program

Gov. Jay Nixon has put a hold on all four 50-50 fund match capital projects approved by the legislature last year after tax revenue fell short of estimates.

Water break causes damages, shuts off water services

Water services will be restored by 9 p.m.

MU cancels classes for 13th time in history due to snow

Only “situationally critical” employees are required to report to work.

Manor House’s future remains uncertain

The decision over the building’s use reflects larger student housing problems.

McKee, Waters, Mumford renovations remain unfunded

Renovations for McKee, Waters and Mumford could take a while to begin as the state legislature debates funding.

Lafferre renovation to start early 2015

MU still has three buildings that have ranked 0.5 or higher on the Facilities Conditions Needs Index.

Faculty Council discusses treating irradiated building

The three options for decommissioning Pickard Hall range from $10.2 million to $13.3 million.

New sustainability coordinator focuses on connections, big picture

Burden hopes to bring groups on campus together and focus on university-wide sustainability issues.

Campus Facilities begins spring cleaning

Maintenance projects include repairs to a broken water main outside McDavid Hall.

MU prepares for Tuesday snowstorm

MU Campus Facilities received an increase in funding for snowstorm response.

Mark Twain to be renovated

The 46-year-old residence hall is closing next semester to undergo major reconstruction.

Campus Facilities to begin impounding improperly parked bikes

An influx of bikers has made for crowded bike racks this academic year.

Mizzou Market scheduled to close for March renovations

The Subway inside Pershing Hall will close temporarily as well.

New cost-cutting measure combines daytime, nighttime janitorial shifts

Cuts will total about $100,000 for Campus Facilities.