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Hundreds of students collected free masks, T-shirts, and other supplies from last week’s COVID safety fair

The event, which normally takes place in winter, was pushed up and specialized to help protect students during the pandemic

Campus Activities Programming Board promotes safe practices with Winter Safety Fair

Groups, such as natural gas corporation, the Columbia Fire Department and the Student Health Center shared tips to deal with the transition into winter.

Ellis Library sexual misconduct suspect to face court

Columbia resident Daniel Northington Hughes, 28, was arrested on Sunday, Sept. 16 and will go to court Oct. 3 at 1:30 p.m.

CRAT training walks students, staff, faculty through how to address active threats on campus

MUPD officers explained their modified “Run, Hide, Fight” technique, as well as the differences in active threats and other crimes.

Person involved in active threat on campus is no longer a threat to campus, MU officials say

The female subject was officially taken into police custody after a campus-wide search this afternoon.

Campus Safety Walk aims to identify possibly unsafe locations around campus

A report outlining specific areas will be sent to various MU offices that would be in charge of addressing hazards.

Legislation calling on curators to allow firearms on campus fails in MSA full Senate

Senator Chris Vas: “More guns, more violence, and I agree with that, however I reject the idea that students are not mature enough to carry firearms.”

Pedestrian hospitalized after hit-and-run on campus

MU Police are still searching for the car and driver involved in the crash.

MUPD arrests suspect in MU shooting incident

The 22-year-old man was apprehended Thursday afternoon.

MUPD explains MU Alert’s protocol

A communications operator and an alert supervisor are at the MUPD office 24/7 to take in, evaluate and respond to threats when necessary.

Faculty members stress conversation, education about sexual assault in TAPP-hosted panel

Title IX Administrator Ellen Eardley: “In hookup culture, with a lack of sex education (and) with a lot of alcohol, you may make a really big mistake.”

Freshman arrested in connection with selling drugs

MUPD arrested the student on suspicion of selling drugs in Hatch Residence Hall.

Bills introduced would legalize concealed carry on campuses

Senate Bill 731 would allow institutions to ban concealed carry, provided they have they have guards and “electronic weapons screening devices” at every entrance to all buildings on the property.

Colleges nationally grapple with Yik Yak threats

Yik Yak threats spurred more than a dozen investigations on campuses in 2015 alone.

Hoverboard ban may be difficult to enforce on MU campus

No reports of hoverboards violations have been filed at this time.

Unsatisfactory officer-student ratio prompts growing campus police force

MU has the smallest campus police force in the SEC and the Big 12, MUPD Maj. Brian Weimer said.

After last semester, MU students can handle whatever comes our way

Columnist Elane Edwards explains why this semester is already testing our “tiger pride.”

Hoverboards banned from campus

The policy may be modified after the Consumer Product Safety Commission releases investigation results on the devices’ safety.

Professor’s email evokes response from students

Nutrition professor Dale Brigham wrote that canceling the scheduled exam would be letting “bullies” win.

MUPD increases security following Yik Yak threats

“Some of you are alright,” the first yak said. “Don’t go to campus tomorrow.”