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MU researchers continue to retrain immune system to fight cancer after receiving a $3.7 million grant

The study is developing a compound called “fab fragment” that will increase the sensitivity of T cells to cancer cells.

MU researchers combat bone cancer in dogs

Compared to a three out of 30 survival rate of dogs receiving chemotherapy to treat osteosarcoma, five out of 10 dogs survived the immunotherapy trial.

Cancer Research Center uses salmonella to target tumors

CRC Research Director Abraham Eisenstark: “We’ll have a double-whammy. We have the cargo vehicle, the bacteria, and we have the cargo to do some destruction.”

Cancer survivor and medical student pursues cancer research

Dan Miller: “I am a sort of idealist. I think we need to be thinking about the next generation and thinking about our kids.”

Senator Claire McCaskill announces she has breast cancer

McCaskill has been serving Missouri in the U.S. Senate since 2006.

Professor recognized for new approach to cancer treatment

Indian Parliament member Anantkumar Hegde: “Almost 15 years ago, I had recognized the tremendous scientific potential of Katti. I am not surprised that he has won awards of scientific excellence from almost every nation on this planet."

MU researchers issued patent for cancer treatment

The method could help treat prostate, pancreatic, breast and small-cell cancers.

Stache Dash 5k raises awareness for prostate cancer

First place finisher and graduate student Evan Culbert won the race after completing the 3.1 mile course in 14 minutes and 58 seconds.

Tigers find extra motivation for final conference game

Trujillo said of her mother: “If she can push through breast cancer, then I can get through a soccer game.”

Bacteria may be key to cancer treatment

Cancer may be controllable with a compound secreted by bacterial communication systems, according to a new MU study.

Marching Mizzou supports band member’s mom

Matthew North, whose mother is battling breast cancer, was comforted and supported by several band members.

Cholesterol-lowering drug found effective for breast cancer treatment

Cholesterol and hormone therapy could be the key to fighting cancer with minimal side effects, MU research team finds.

MU researcher leads cancer research with new treatment

Professor Hawthorne's treatment was effective on mice and will now be tested on dogs.

Mizzou Relay for Life raises $77,000 to fight cancer

Sixty-three student teams participated in the annual event.

MU scientists pursue nanoparticle radiation treatment for cancer

After further testing, the scientists could seek FDA approval.