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Sandy from Plaza to donate GoFundMe contributions to MizzouThon

Freshman Adam Treutelaar: “Sandy puts a smile on my face every time I go to Plaza, and I'm sure she makes her grandkids even happier. The least I can do is spend as much as I'd spend on a meal swipe to help her do that.”

A Taste of Westeros comes to Campus Dining

Chef Joe Moroni: “You walk into the dining room at the Culinary Discovery Kitchen and you don’t know what to expect. Hopefully you leave with an open mind and a desire to get to know others.”

Tiger Plan can cost more than you think

The plan offers students discounts at CDS locations, but also charges students a base cost higher than the remaining spending money.

MSA, CDS, RHA, ELO team up to host first Earthright Week

One event allowed students to meet local farmers.

Mizzou Food Week teaches students benefits of healthy and sustainable eating

Campus Dining Services incorporates sustainability and student health needs.

Mizzou Market in Pershing Commons reopens for fall semester

Despite continued construction on Pershing Commons, the market reopened for students Aug. 12.

CDS moves forward with Mizzou Market changes

Mizzou Market-Southwest will serve as a temporary 24-hour replacement.

CDS improves transparency with price discrepancies

CDS will display dollar prices at Baja and hopes to expand to other locations.

New Mark Twain Market hours to take effect next semester

Mark Twain Market will remain open during the Mark Twain renovation, but will have shorter hours.

CDS point values, dollar values hold large discrepancy

Items of products sold at Emporium and Timeout have been marked up from 300 to 500 percent from the products real value.

RHA, CDS participate in Paint it Pink week

RHA hopes to raise more than the $3,100 it raised last year.

Some halls better equipped for trayless dining than others

Plaza 900 employees enforce a “one person, one tray” rule.

CDS sets university precedent by hearing student concerns

Students ask Chick-fil-A for Columbia location

The franchise used to have a location in Brady Commons.

New CDS website aims to help students improve ‘Zoutrition’

The website tracks nutritional values and filters by allergen.

Sabai adds Asian cuisine to MU menu

Sabai’s delicious Southeast Asian menu makes up for its slow service.

CDS creates options for students celebrating Ramadan

Many of the dining halls are staying open late for students celebrating the holiday.

CDS eliminates trays from dining halls to reduce waste

The change will save 65 tons of food per year.

Campus Dining to begin composting food from dining halls

MU and the Bradford Extension Farm are implementing a plan to compost students' leftover food.

Rollins dining hall to go trayless for Summer Welcome

CDS will evaluate the trial run toward the end of Summer Welcome sessions.