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College of Education hosts workshop on diversity in children’s literature

“Picture books are art,” Angie Zapata, an assistant professor with the College of Education, said.

#BlackLivesMatter founders speak on the prominence of racial injustice

Founder Alicia Garza: “We need black people, especially young black people, to not wear hoodies, to pull their pants up, to get a better education and deviate from the narrative that they didn’t start.”

Buddy packs created to support homeless community in Columbia

“We don’t get the reward or the certificate for doing it,” Parker said. “It’s something that you do because it’s something you should do, helping our fellow mankind. This is an opportunity to have people interact with the community they’ve probably never

MU’s proposed required diversity course pilot is a promising development

Students have wanted this requirement as a means of promoting a campus-wide conversation on inclusivity for decades.

Our Responsibility

Dr. Stephanie Shonekan, Chair of the Department of Black Studies, commends the social justice work of MU students.

Dear Chancellor Loftin: It isn't enough

Graduate student Jonathan Butler says Loftin’s response is a start, but it isn’t enough.

Loftin’s response is a start, but not a solution.

Yes, I do think that the Chancellor is responsible for the 35,441 students enrolled at MU.

Diversity summit postponed to strengthen impact

Commission Chairman Scott Dean feels that issues of racism and diversity on campus are Columbia’s issues, too.

We must come to terms with our racist past

This is the most urgent and authentic reaction that Loftin has had to an incident of racism on MU’s campus.

Dear Chancellor Loftin, you’re not doing your job

This is the second time in a month that black students at your university have been disrespected in the cruelest of ways.

Is your definition of diversity even feasible?

Being diverse is all based on perception

Conversations on diversity

How are incoming freshmen thinking about diversity?

Summer Welcome and Diversity Education

An analysis of the diversity education at Summer Welcome as an incoming freshman

MU should bring diversity into classroom

Instead of simply pointing to statistics and numbers for diversity, MU needs to put an emphasis on improving the student experience.

‘Intergroup dialogue course’ among students’ requests to improve race relations

Students requested administration to create an “intergroup dialogue course” and reevaluate the way it recruits underrepresented students.

MU scrutinizes campus diversity and minority-student retention

Seventy percent of all students at MU in fall 2014 were white.

MSA, Faculty Council working to amend religious observance policy

The proposed change to the Faculty Handbook would include language that require faculty to excuse students for religious obligations.

Law professor’s request to investigate student social media conduct denied

Wells said investigating students’ social media posts is “not what the Honor Code requires.”

Students discuss multilingual national anthem

The Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative creates an opportunity for students to discuss controversial issues with peers.

New MLK Memorial replica finds a home in Ellis Library

The statue was a gift from MU alumnus Ty Christian.