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UM System President Mun Choi hangs off Tiger Hotel for charity

Love INC hosted an urban rappelling fundraiser with Over the Edge to help people move out of poverty.

MU students make a difference through food pantry involvement

Marketing Co-Coordinator Claire Salzman: “It’s a really really wonderful resource and wonderful organization made up of some of the most wonderful people in the entire world who just do this. The Tiger Pantry team is just a very selfless organization.”

Buddy packs created to support homeless community in Columbia

“We don’t get the reward or the certificate for doing it,” Parker said. “It’s something that you do because it’s something you should do, helping our fellow mankind. This is an opportunity to have people interact with the community they’ve probably never

Greek Week 2015 strives to surpass last year’s success

During last year’s Greek Week, MU fraternities and sororities raised over $70,000.

Senior Alex Noonan gives back with games

Noonan plans to continue Games4Good after the holiday season ends.