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Maneater Long Reads: Two Years, No Progress

MU has taken few steps toward providing new graduate student housing and child care since a walkway in the University Village housing complex collapsed, and graduate students want the university to recognize their needs.

MU grad student parents voice their opinions on the question of child care

Not all MU grad student parents agree with requests for affordable child care.

MU cannot continue to ignore the needs of student-parents

In the absence of an on-campus child care center, students with children have limited options.

Rainbow House looks for expansion location

Rainbow House hopes to make up for beds lost after losing a grant in 2012

University Village awaits demolition, sparks graduate housing discussions

MU hopes to begin demolishing University Village by mid-July or early August.

Faculty over the years express interest in maintaining child care services

Throughout the Student Parent Center’s 40-year history, faculty have been vocal about prioritizing the campus’ student parents.

Student parents voice concerns about Student Parent Center’s future

Task force will determine action concerning the center’s pending demolition.

MU to close and demolish University Village, Student Parent Center

Relocation is possible for the day care center, but no plan is in place yet.

Petitions created in wake of University Village reports

The petitions’ authors are asking to fully renovate or demolish University Village and relocate the Student Parent Center.

GPC passes University Village resolutions

One bill honors Lt. Bruce Britt.