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Citizen Jane’s ‘MIX TAPE’ brings solid block of short films

The “MIX TAPE” block of short films at Citizen Jane Film Festival offered a full range of emotions in stellar short films.

‘Signature’ local festivals and programs receives $80,000 to aid local tourism

Recipients included the True/False Film Fest, Show-me State Games and Art in the Park.

Citizen Jane’s ‘Never Goin’ Back’ is deeply funny, touching ode to friendship

The film, following two teenage girls in desperate need of cash, was a hit Saturday night at Citizen Jane Film Festival.

Citizen Jane’s ‘High Fantasy’ is about switching bodies, finding ourselves

“High Fantasy” comments on the nature of friendship, experience and reaching the perspectives of those closest to us.

‘Rafiki’ brings Kenyan lesbian love story to big screen

While the film’s plot and filmmaking leave more to be desired, Wanuri Kahiu’s tender exploration of sexuality feels groundbreaking nonetheless.

‘When We Grow Up’ explores adult children navigating hard choices in life

Featuring a racially diverse cast and filmed by an all-women crew, this movie follows a flawed but well-meaning family after the death of a beloved dog.

‘Teaching from the Collections’ review: The elegance of 20th century fashion

Stephens’ fashion exhibition places three key designers in the spotlight.

‘Ladies with Lenses’ shorts capture human struggle

The collection of short films highlights the incredible work of female filmmakers on Vimeo.

‘Little Woods’ incorporates relevant social issues into Western tropes

Nia DaCosta’s debut feature opens Citizen Jane with messages of women’s rights, social status and the importance of family.

‘When Women Wrote Hollywood’ book signing celebrates early female screenwriters

The essay collection follows the lives and careers of historical female filmmakers.

Citizen Jane Film Festival returns to Columbia for another year of celebrating female filmmakers

Over the years, the internationally-known Citizen Jane Film Festival has strengthened the community of women in film.

‘To Keep the Light’ illuminates the story of the silent worker

The film shown at Citizen Jane Film Festival brings the lives of female lighthouse workers in the 1870s into the spotlight.

'Nakom' portrays the plight of an African university student

This Citizen Jane film helps viewers understand their privilege of education.

Citizen Jane’s 'The View From Tall' is eye-opening

The movie explores the moral ambiguity of teenage transgressions.

'The Wedding Invitation' disappoints Citizen Jane’s theme of female capability

The film follows the lives of three women over the span of one week in their quest to find wedding dates.

Local film festival rolls into its seventh year of production

Citizen Jane Film Festival, an all women’s film festival, continues in Columbia for another round of great.

Citizen Jane, Day One: Recap

The festival, featuring films made by female filmmakers, runs ‘til Sunday.

'A different kind of documentary'

MOVE reviews “Meet the Patels.”

Fantasy meets reality

MOVE reviews “I Believe in Unicorns,” playing at Citizen Jane this weekend.

Citizen Jane showcases Texas drama “Hellion”

MOVE chats with Kat Candler, director of the festival’s opening film.