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Tag: Citizens Police Review Board

Citizens Police Review Board requests increased transparency for complaint letters

CPD chief said supplying the board with the records may breach confidentiality.

Review board upholds Chief Burton's decision on Jordan case

Jordan continuously asked the board what his rights were.

CPRB discusses holding closed meetings

CPRB plans to gather data before making a final decision.

Columbia City Council discusses forfeiture funds with Police Chief Ken Burton

The School Building Revolving Fund uses forfeiture funds to provide financial assistance to Missouri school districts financing capital construction projects.

Police Chief Ken Burton calls forfeiture funds 'pennies from heaven'

The forfeiture funds are to be given to local schools, according to the Missouri Constitution.

Citizens Police Review Board meeting sparks debate

Several residents spoke in favor of making police policy more accessible.

Students, residents disagree with Citizens Police Review Board decision

The board discussed closing certain sessions at its last meeting.

Citizens Police Review Board opts for closed sessions

The board would require a two-thirds majority to hold closed sessions.

Citizens Police Review Board complaint hits dead end

Officer Chris Hessenflow accepted a job at the Department of Homeland Security.

Police review board should remain transparent

Police review board debates closed sessions

The board will decide if police officers or witnesses can request closed sessions.

Review board should provide real check on police power

City manager shoots down excessive force complaint against CPD

City Manager Bill Watkins issued a letter siding with the police department.

Burton requests city-funded attorneys for CPD officers

The city only provides officers with attorneys if they have been named in litigation.

Student attendance at CPRB meeting shows dedication

Board tackles Tasers, new complaints

Several students spoke against SWAT raids at the meeting.

Misconduct, marijuana to be discussed in CPRB

The board will discuss search warrants at their next meeting.

CPRB undecided on misconduct definition

The board says it would rather discuss statute revisions with the police chief.

Police chief responds to CPRB recommendations, disagrees

The Citizens Police Review Board voted that an officer acted improperly.

Sassy letters between CPD, CPRB do little for justice