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City manager announces four community members to enforce strategic plan

Adjunct journalism professor Carl Kenney: “The real emphasis of this project (is) to create opportunities for those who need it.”

Growing income inequality reveals racial divide

Matthes believes Missouri’s history as a slave state might be part of the problem.

Maneater Long Reads: Working While Female

Women are underrepresented in city of Columbia leadership positions, and they are paid proportionately less. The issue isn’t clear cut, though — and city leadership is working to bridge the gender gap.

Citizens Police Review Board asks for CPD reports, recieves funding for Mediation Task Force

The board wants to see a breakdown about how many complaints have been filed.

CPD to receive three sworn positions, despite requests for more

Budget constraints did not allow CPD to have all its requests filled.

New budget aims to reduce expenditures

The upcoming fiscal year will focus on balancing the budget to prevent deficit spending.

Columbia public safety satisfaction is less than national average

Analytics show the highest concentration of incidents involving the police occurred between Fifth and Hitt streets from Ash to Locust streets.

City Council names Matthes as new city manager

Mike Matthes replaces retiring city manager Bill Watkins.