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The MU campus is overpoliced, and to make our campus safer, we need to rethink where we allocate funds.

Student dies after being hit by vehicle on College Avenue

Senior Logan Warnecke was jogging or running the evening of Dec. 6 when he was hit by a 2016 Honda CR-V.

Top Disappointments: Columbia Police chief refuses to acknowledge racial profiling

Despite clear evidence that racial profiling is a problem in Columbia, Chief Ken Burton follows his “stubborn streak.”

New “Stand Your Ground” law cited as basis for Columbia shooting

Columbia resident Karl Henson was arrested last month after shooting a man in the back who tried to steal his cellphone, police say.

Judge determines that CPD acted unconstitutionally by recording attorney-client phone calls

Attorney Stephen Wyse: “If they’re recording my phone calls, I want someone to answer for it. It’s just outrageous.”

The Briefing: CPD to hold town hall addressing racial profiling allegations

CPD chief cites his ‘stubborn streak’ in further denial of racial profiling

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton: “I’ve got a stubborn streak in me, and when I looked at the data I said, ‘That’s not enough data for me.’ I still believe that, and I think we need to look into it more.”

Update: Robbery reported near Wolpers Hall

The suspect allegedly had a handgun and demanded money from a food delivery driver.

UPDATED: Basketball players Jakeenan Gant and Russell Woods suspended following arrests

Gant and Russell were arrested in connection with a Dec. 9 home invasion, according to a police report.

CPD forcibly removes student from home in viral video

"This is so illegal," a bystander said. "He didn’t do anything."

Police put effort toward listening to the deaf

The UbiDuo “is a great first step.”

LBC supports Homecoming protesters; administrators silent

The demonstration blocked UM President Tim Wolfe’s car in the homecoming parade.

City officials, CPD criticize “Darren Wilson Day” Facebook post

The post has since been removed and the Columbia Police Officer’s Association said it was misinterpreted.

Three injured in shooting in Forest Avenue area

At 8:55 p.m., police pulled over a white car with three men who matched the suspects’ descriptions.

MU student dies in car crash

The blue 1999 Chevrolet Camaro was severed in half by a utility pole and then landed on its top.

Armed robbery near campus took place last night

One suspect was described as a male in his late 20s to early 30s, approximately 6 feet 4 inches tall with a heavy build and short black hair.

Armed robbery suspect shot after confrontation with CPD

The suspect, Mark Adair, was a registered sex offender with a warrant out for his arrest.

Four years after suicide, Sasha Menu Courey changes the system

Although the police investigation is inconclusive, it appears that the perpetrator of Menu Courey’s sexual assault was on the football team at the time.

CPD continues to receive forfeited assets through ‘federal equitable sharing’ loophole

Since 2010, CPD has received $349,617 from federal equitable sharing funds.

Columbia Police Department releases 2014 Internal Affairs Report

CPD data shows over 800 additional arrests