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Housing Review: UPA’s location is unbeatable, if you can get over its quirks

Housing Review: Staff, dining options make Schurz stand out

Department of Residential Life keeps focus on future

The plan is 80 percent complete.

Lease signing tips and tricks

The Maneater brings you some lease signing FAQ, courtesy of the Wellness Resource Center.

Downtown infrastructure unable to support growing Columbia

A district and rezoning for the downtown area has been proposed to help pay for the necessary upgrade of public infrastructure.

Housing Review: Choose Callahan and Galloway for hassle-free East Campus living

Housing Review: Aspen Heights falls far short of luxurious

Housing Highlights

The Grove’s luxuries are enjoyable, but day-to-day operations neglected by management

The Grove’s inconveniences outweigh its perks.

Providence Hill a popular place for pets

Pets are welcome and safety is paramount at Providence Hill Apartments.

The Falls' management drops the ball with communication

Hinshaw Properties’s lack of accountability affects quality of life

The East Campus community makes unfavorable living conditions bearable.

Availability of luxury apartments attracts students

Luxury apartments' branding is key in attracting younger students.

Property amenities

Grow houses in Columbia risk detection as well as housing damage

When the police department has access to utility bills, marijuana growth operations are a big risk for homeowners.