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Tag: Columbia Transportation

Freshmen reflect on their first time traveling home

There’s no place like home after a long semester; let these freshmen help you find transportation for winter break.

Greyhound announces price reduction

Greyhound aims to attract new customers in Columbia.

Megabus ending service in Columbia and Kansas City due to low ridership

A petition to keep Megabus operating in Columbia has gotten over 700 signatures.

Absurd bus ordinance only revs up trouble

City Council’s failure to seek and consider outside input has resulted in another ruckus.

Columbia transportation plan maps transit future through 2040

Columbia grew 29 percent between 2000 and 2010.

MU student fees aren't Columbia's 'back-up plan'

Columbia Transit reveals new black and gold buses

Mayor Bob McDavid said there will eventually be 40 black and gold buses on the streets.

Apartments, Columbia Transit make bus deal

Log Hill Run apartments will petition Transit to keep services status quo.

Transit future in jeopardy

Proposed transit cuts could greatly affect MU off-campus students for the upcoming fiscal year.

Columbia Transit System changes shuttle service

Bus route changes might cause problems for students who live off campus.

Council approves parking fine hike, downtown apartments

Minimum parking meter fines will increase in Columbia from $5 to $10.

Snow cleanup costs projected at $250,000

Funds from a budget for paving campus roads could be reallocated.

For ‘situationally critical’ staff, campus never comes to complete stop

More than 250 faculty and staff members have worked to restore campus operations.

City warns weather conditions still dangerous despite sunshine

Multiple city departments are still working to clear snow.

Council discusses parks, new bus color schemes

The new busses will be painted black and gold with a tiger tail on the back.

City Council discusses transportation, art

Discussion included restricting large trucks on a local scenic route.

Police puzzled by shuttle shooting

Investigators believe the bus was shot during its morning route.