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MU professor reaches international recognition for his knowledge of political debates

Director of MU’s Political Communications Institute Mitchell McKinney: “I’ve been a political junkie my whole life.”

Melissa Click’s classes will continue being taught by guest faculty

Department Chairman Mitchell McKinney: “I haven’t gotten any specific feedback following the decision of the Board of Curators last week. But the students in the class understand that the class is continuing.”

Dismissed cabinet member speaks out against MSA president-elect

“Now, looking back at an opportunity that I was given to serve the students of this flagship university, I can say that I was wrong,” de Leon wrote in his Dec. 11 Facebook post.

Professor to establish Terrorism and Disaster Center

Brian Houston received a $2.4 million grant to establish a Terrorism and Disaster Center.

Everyone participates in conformity

People should say what they mean, mean what they say