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Proposed MSA legislation calls for curators to allow guns on campus

Senator Chris Vas: “If I stand across the street [from the university], I have unalienable rights to own a firearm, but if I step on this side of a street, all of a sudden my unalienable rights are gone.”

Missouri loosens gun laws, but not on campus

MU ASUM President Christopher Dade: “The bill should have little impact to students while they are on campus.”

Seven stories likely to make news this fall at MU

After an eventful 2015–16 school year, this fall brings the possibility of more newsworthy events regarding administration and campus life.

Bills introduced would legalize concealed carry on campuses

Senate Bill 731 would allow institutions to ban concealed carry, provided they have they have guards and “electronic weapons screening devices” at every entrance to all buildings on the property.

Legislatures re-examine concealed carry laws

This year, Missouri is considering lowering the licensing age.