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MU promotes #CampusClear app for COVID-19 self-monitoring, but some students are concerned about its effectiveness

MU students are worried that #CampusClear is not helping to prevent the continuation of a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases at MU.

MSA COVID-19 bill passed in special session to address student concerns

Among other demands, the new bill calls for increased transparency and a revamped approach to COVID-19 on campus.

COLUMN: Columbia businesses are failing because of MU students

Cases continue to rise in Columbia because of MU students, causing new restrictions to be put in place. The new rules on alcohol sales have already made one local bar close permanently.

COLUMN: A new administration won’t save us from the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continue to rise while other countries seem to have it under control. The discrepancy can be attributed to the individualist versus collectivist approaches to the pandemic.

COLUMN: MU’s tuition raise is unjustified

MU raising tuition for the 2020 school year raises concerns for students who struggle to adapt to the online environment.

MU students looking for referrals for COVID-19 tests now have multiple options for free referrals, including Columbia physician Elizabeth Allemann.

Columbia physician Elizabeth Allemann leads the free referral movement in Columbia and hopes for more community relief.

MU says COVID-19 contact tracing occurs within two days, but students indicate otherwise

MU students report delays in contact tracing, as well as other communication issues.

MU expels 2 and suspends 3 students for violating COVID guidelines

MU administration hopes this shows that the university is not taking their COVID response lightly.

Postponement of Family Weekend another change for fall semester

The weekend of family time, Columbia restaurants and high traffic through campus joins other fall traditions affected by the pandemic.

The Penguin joins the list of local businesses in Columbia that have closed permanently due to the financial stresses of the pandemic.

“We started to go to the other bars and [The Penguin] was one of the bars we had gone to in passing,” graduate student, Kennedi Keyes, said. “The rest is history. We celebrated lots of nights there. It’s bittersweet that it’s going out [of business].

Flicks at Faurot Field: How MU students stayed safe while having fun

Two movies were shown at Faurot Field this weekend by the Campus Activities Planning Board. Students were asked to maintain six feet apart and wear a mask.

MU temporarily suspends seven fraternities and three sororities while investigating reports of COVID-19 policy violations

Seven fraternities and three sororities have been temporarily suspended by MU due to reports of these organizations’ possible failure to follow university COVID-19 regulations.

Companies release hit or miss ad campaigns since beginning of COVID-19

There’s always the possibility for a marketing team to screw up, but ad-making is even higher stakes during a pandemic.

COLUMN: Dress for any occasion in a time with no occasions

When Zoom calls only reveal our top halves, we are able to dress however we’d like. Expressing yourself through your dress can be better for your mental health.

UPDATE: Choi unblocks students on Twitter after threat of lawsuit

Attorney Christopher Bennett says that Choi violated the First Amendment by preventing students from seeing and interacting with his tweets

MU briefly consults Columbia/Boone County Health Department for COVID-19 dashboard before release

County Health Department Assistant Director Scott Clardy thinks it would be beneficial to track the positivity rate among MU students.

COLUMN: The SEC football conference will struggle to return based on COVID-19 regulations set in place.

College football will not hold the same excitement as usual, but it needs to happen.

Boone County COVID-19 data shows 44.6% countywide test positivity rate, 60.4% rate among 18-22 age group

The increase is mostly due to transmission among young adults at bars and restaurants, said Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services Assistant Director Scott Clardy.

COLUMN: MU must expand COVID-19 mental health services

The impetus to get help must not solely be placed on students. Mental health services should address a growing need for interaction, albeit virtual.

Online school causes students to find new ways to express themselves

Without the interaction of in-person school, students can still find outlets of expression