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Sexual assault allegation leads to student arrest, pending investigation

Sophomore Conner Whyte was arrested Sunday on suspicion of first-degree rape and sodomy Sunday afternoon.

Freshman arrested in connection with selling drugs

MUPD arrested the student on suspicion of selling drugs in Hatch Residence Hall.

Video released explaining how to survive an active shooter on campus

MU Police Department Maj. Brian Weimer: “It’s a way to get good information out to the community.”

Hoverboard ban may be difficult to enforce on MU campus

No reports of hoverboards violations have been filed at this time.

Hunter Park pleads not guilty to Yik Yak threats

MU Police Department arrested Park who allegedly posted on the anonymous social media platform two threats which sparked widespread panic on MU’s campus.

Freshman arrested in connection with first degree rape

Austin Joseph Campbell is being held in Boone County jail in connection with the crimes.

Some still claim the the Gateway Hall vandalism is a hoax

A police report from October describes the swastika.

Black studies department copes with hateful messages

In addition to derogatory emails and phone calls, a package of diapers was sent to the black studies department.

UPDATED: Black Culture Center sign vandalized

A freshman who was near the center around 1 a.m. said he heard a man tell a black female she “wasn’t welcome.”

Yik Yak causes a stir on MU campus

This is not the first time Yik Yak has been a part of a campus safety issue.

36 organizations request Loftin to acknowledge anti-Semitism

The letter discussed and offered steps for Loftin to take

Swastika drawn in residence hall with feces

This is the second incident of anti-Semitic vandalism that has occurred in the past year.

Hate crimes underreported to MUPD

MUPD Major Scott Richardson said that despite the recent incidents coming into the public’s attention, the rate of hate crime occurring at MU have “remained steady.”

Underage drinking prevalent on college campuses

When charged with an MIP, the student will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Diversity course possible requirement for freshmen

The Diversity Enhancement Committee hopes to improve MU’s cultural “competency and inclusivity” over a multi-year plan.

MU alerts raise concerns about state gun laws

Under Missouri law, rifles and handguns can be purchased from any of Columbia’s 10 firearm retailers without requiring a permit of the purchaser.

MUPD adopts bomb-sniffing dog

The new bomb sniffing dog Brass is helping MUPD keep campus protected from future bomb threats.

While crime rates haven’t increased in recent years, students deserve to feel safe.

Although MUPD’s statement on the recent burst of Clery reports is accurate, not all is said and done.

MU freshman charged with crime motivated by discrimination

Bradley Becker was charged with second degree property damage motivated by discrimination on April 21 in connection with anti-Semitic vandalism in Mark Twain Hall.

Campus safety debated after recent crimes

Between 2011 and 2014, MUPD saw a 50 percent increase in violent crimes.