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MSA presidential debate recap: candidates give their takes on student issues

The debate, hosted by The Maneater, had all three slates share their views on issues like student mental health and inclusivity.

Five takeaways from the first MSA presidential debate

Solomon Davis and Jennifer Sutterer, the two presidential candidates, differentiated on topics such as transportation but generally agreed on student health.

The Political Communication Institute publishes debate how-to guide to inspire political discourse in local communities

“Engaging Your Community: A guide to hosting local debates and forums,” a guide by The Political Communication Institute, details how to have positive discourse and get informed through local debates and forums.

Top moments from the MSA Special Election debate

Voting will begin on at 8 a.m Feb. 29 and close at 5 p.m. March 2. The announcement will be held at Traditions Plaza on March 2.

Mid-Missouri for Bernie Sanders hosted watch party Tuesday

The debate proved to be less heated than the Republican debates, with candidates and attendees agreeing on many issues.

MU students react to second GOP debate

In the wake of the second televised GOP debate, MU students share their comments and criticism.