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Biggest steps forward: diversity initiatives

After making national news for campus protests and resignations, the university took significant steps to improve campus diversity.

College of Arts and Science approves diversity requirement

The vote for a diversity course requirement passed with 75 percent of support from faculty who voted.

STORIFY: Twitter responds to Concerned Student 1950's demands

After Concerned Student 1950 released a Prezi presentation Feb. 24, people on Twitter reacted with #StillConcerned.

Concerned Student 1950 reissues list of six remaining demands to be met

Their first two demands were left off the presentation.

Diversity requirement begins for new students, but is subject to change

Professor Joan Hermsen: “We want to see students engaging with the material and bringing their personal life experiences to the kinds of questions that are raised in courses.”

Faculty Council proposes examining MU and UM System’s relationship

“They’re supposed to be a support function, but somehow they are dictating academics … so what value is (the) system supposed to play?” council member Jung Ha-Brookshire asked.

Diversity course requirement changed with student course load in mind

The changes made in the proposal would allow students to select from pre-existing courses at MU that have been approved to educate on the subject of diversity.

MU’s proposed required diversity course pilot is a promising development

Students have wanted this requirement as a means of promoting a campus-wide conversation on inclusivity for decades.

Diversity course possible requirement for freshmen

The Diversity Enhancement Committee hopes to improve MU’s cultural “competency and inclusivity” over a multi-year plan.

Summer Welcome and Diversity Education

An analysis of the diversity education at Summer Welcome as an incoming freshman

Responsibility of lasting change rests with MU administration

With continued displays of ignorance across campus, more administrative action is needed to improve students’ lives and well-being.

MU should bring diversity into classroom

Instead of simply pointing to statistics and numbers for diversity, MU needs to put an emphasis on improving the student experience.

‘Intergroup dialogue course’ among students’ requests to improve race relations

Students requested administration to create an “intergroup dialogue course” and reevaluate the way it recruits underrepresented students.

Faculty Council spring agenda eyes diversity, Title IX, raises

Issues like cultural competency remain an important topic, but council members believe mandatory cultural competency courses are unrealistic.

Students implore administration be proactive, not reactive

The “Ferguson Listening Session” on Monday highlighted an urgency to discuss solutions to racial issues on campus.

Faculty Council continues discussions on diversity course requirement

The council also heard a report from the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates meeting and discussed eLearning.

Faculty Council discusses diversity requirement, performance funding

Harry Tyrer is the new chairman of Faculty Council.

Faculty Council meets to discuss diversity course requirement

Council members are analyzing reasons why people voted against the proposal.

Social justice student organizations in arms over diversity course failure

Faculty Council will push for a second vote on the initiative.

Faculty shoot down diversity course requirement proposal

A revised version is in the works.