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MU researchers combat bone cancer in dogs

Compared to a three out of 30 survival rate of dogs receiving chemotherapy to treat osteosarcoma, five out of 10 dogs survived the immunotherapy trial.

Meet the dogs of True/False Film Festival

MOVE editors Bailey and Victoria take fluff writing to another, more literal, level.

MOVE Investigates: Greyhounds on campus provide blood for dogs and quality time for students

The vet center has seven blood-donating greyhounds that students can volunteer to help walk around campus.

MU researchers find association between dog-walking, physical health

The study focused on older adults and examined how emotional bonds with pets influenced dog-walking behavior.

MUPD adopts bomb-sniffing dog

The new bomb sniffing dog Brass is helping MUPD keep campus protected from future bomb threats.

Two Great Pyrenees become a staple of Speakers Circle

The dogs’ owner has made a habit of stopping by campus.

People of Columbia

A student techie/knight in shining armor and a Pyrenees-owning pet lover

Mizzou Advantage study finds dogs beneficial to children with autism

Researchers monitored social media to supplement data collected through an online survey about family life with dogs.