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MU students headed to polls to vote in 2020 presidential election

The Boone County Government Center and Mizzou Arena served as central polling places in Boone County, which experienced high voter turnout.

Letter to the Editor: America deserves better than Donald Trump

A letter for conservative and undecided voters concerning the 2020 election

COLUMN: Even a COVID-19 diagnosis can’t fix Trump’s indifference toward the pandemic

On October 1, Donald Trump contracted the coronavirus yet continued his fabled perspective on the pandemic.

COLUMN: Watch the 2020 presidential debate for some comedic relief

Unfortunately, the first presidential debate was a sad representation of what America has in store for its executive power.

Trump, Biden go head-to-head in first debate

Trump and Biden debated six topics, ranging from COVID-19 to election integrity.

Recap: President Donald Trump, others speak at Columbia rally Nov. 1

Trump spoke about the economy, upcoming midterm elections and encouraged attendees to elect Attorney General Josh Hawley to the U.S Senate.

Fact Check: Donald Trump’s Nov. 1 rally in Columbia

The president’s claims during the rally about the economy and the midterms, when based in truth, seemed to be misleading.

Trump is heading to Columbia for midterm rally

Trump is holding a rally in the historically liberal-leaning Missouri town. With the midterms approaching, his visit isn’t as surprising as many think.

To kneel or not to kneel: The NFL-Trump Saga has just begun

After making shocking remarks towards NFL players, Donald Trump now faces his largest battle yet with the sports world.

Some MU students could be affected by the end of DACA

MU spokesman Christian Basi: “But, we would also certainly provide as much support for any of our students as we possibly can. It would really depend on the situation and it’s really hard to speculate what that might look like.”

MU journalism faculty assess state of the press in Trump era

Communications law professor Sandy Davidson: “The press should be a watchdog, not a lapdog.”

International Center hosts meeting for students and scholars affected by Trump’s travel ban

University spokesman Christian Basi: “The students are very valued members of our community, and the international students bring a rich diversity to the campus.”

Hundreds march through Columbia in anti-Trump peace walk

Organizer Audrey Lockwood: “It’s the only thing that has given me true hope since the results. You don’t feel alone anymore when this many people in a community help you accomplish something for peace.”

Election-watch party hosted at Blue Note where mainly Clinton supporters came to watch the results

The party, hosted by Boone County Democrats, played NBC election coverage live.

A look back on some of the most meme-able moments of the election

The United States is on fire, but these memes are pretty funny.

Trump’s nomination leaves the GOP with a tough choice

The Republican Party can either continue to divide or wake up and work to prevent a dangerous candidate from taking office.

Youth vote could decide Boone County

Clinton and Trump are positioned to face off in “a time for choosing.”

MU senior explains his support for Donald Trump

Will Pierson: “When you listen to him talk, you get the sense that he really does want what’s best for the country.”

The Donald is in Missouri

Presidential candidate Donald Trump hosts rally in St. Louis.