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Topping Off Celebration is thrown for progress on plant growth facility

The East Campus Plant Growth Facility, a $28.2 million project, will finish construction in April, creating new opportunities for the MU plant community.

East Campus streetlight petition effort continues

Adding streetlights might not be best solution, resident says.

East Campus residents petition for more streetlights

After several recent sexual assaults occurring in the area, junior Sarah Sprick said, East Campus residents feel unsafe.

Renovations to hopefully improve East Campus issues

The proposals include a barrier and disabled accessible crosswalks.

Students, residents call East Campus parking complex issue

Commuter parking is at the root of the East Campus parking problem.

East Campus parking proposals discussed at forum

Many people were opposed to installing parking meters in East Campus.

East Campus neighborhood commissions local artist to create sculptures

Artist Don Asbee was commissioned to create gateway sculptures that represented the diversity of East Campus and its ties to the University of Missouri.

Resident-permit parking probable for East Campus

An interested party meeting will measure opinion March 19.

Students oppose parking policy, MSA surveys says

A public meeting is scheduled to take place March 19.

Police find possible link between recent burglaries

There have been nine accounted for since June 26.

Police stake out East Campus in search of naked jogger

Two witnesses reported seeing the suspect.

Lee Street Deli considers changing late night hours

LSD has left many incidents unreported but is beginning to take action.

East Campus residents examine neighborhood issues

Some residents believe students on East Campus are nuisances.

CPD, Hoppe hold safety summit in Sixth Ward

The meeting follows others across the city.

CPD and Sixth Ward work toward solutions

Police intend to work with the Sixth Ward about crimes on East Campus.

Council raises fees for trash pickup

Increases to special trash pickup rates will close the deficit.

Columbia should vote for Hoppe for Sixth Ward

Hoppe advocates for improved routes for school children and pedestrians.

Burglars strike on East Campus

Sandwich artist by day, Alpaca Radio by night

House explosion kills one, injures another