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Obama's victory guarantees change

MU students reflect on voting experiences

Many students voted for the first time Tuesday.

Schaefer defeats Still, retains state Senate seat

He has held the seat since 2008.

Schaefer will continue fighting for higher education

The state senate’s most important task is deciding the state budget.

McCaskill defeats Akin to retain US Senate seat

McCaskill won with 54.7 percent of the vote.

In Senate race, national spotlight on Missouri

Re-elected Sen. Claire McCaskill is expected to continue the policies of her first term.

Obama's re-election leaves lasting impact

The president will face a divided Congress in his second term.

Nixon wins bid for re-election

Incumbent Gov. Jay Nixon led the vote by 20.8 percent in Boone County.

Nixon likely to continue education policies in second term

This is the first time a Missouri governor has been re-elected since 1996.

Missouri chooses smokers over students, again

Obama, Romney debate foreign policy in final presidential debate

CBS's Bob Schieffer moderated the final debate of the campaign season.

Obama, Romney argue foreign and domestic issues in second debate

The debate was moderated by CNN's Candy Crowley.

McCaskill waits tables in Columbia to emphasize importance of student loans, other issues

"These are bread-and-butter kind of issues for Missourians," McCaskill said.

Gubernatorial, senatorial candidates square off in Columbia

Topics discussed included tobacco taxes and Medicare.

Campaign summary

ASUM, TAPP work together to educate, register voters

A new program gets students registered and educated for Election Day.