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Student engineering team designs renewable energy housing capstone

The team of civil engineers branched out into areas such as heating and ventilation, plumbing and irrigation, and electrical engineering to make a design for the Solar Decathlon.

MU research team uncovers link between fracking, endocrine-disrupting chemicals

The team published results suggesting chemicals from fracking spills find their way through the local water system.

Local activists protest coal giant’s presence in Columbia

“Normally, we hear about phasing coal and fossil fuels out, but Columbia phased coal in,” organizer Gretchen Maune said.

City to expand solar fields despite mayor’s dissent

The panels would add to an already existing collection

Columbia Water and Light Board hears from Grain Belt rep

The line could fulfill part of Columbia’s energy requirements.

MU offers new sustainability courses

An energy systems basics course will serve as an introduction to other sustainability courses.

Rise in gas prices promotes alternative energy source debate

Experts’ opinions on what energy source the nation should focus on differ.