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Recent awards recognize MU’s sustainability and green energy efforts

The university ranks high in several national rankings and has made progress in solar and wind energy on campus.

MU Sustainability Office takes action to raise STARS score

The Sustainability Office will be filing new data for an updated STARS score in 2018.

Environmental Leadership Office to host presentations on sustainability

Rachel Haggard: "We are a part of an ecosystem. The topics we’re discussing are going to affect you.”

Two honeybee hives to join MU’s campus

As the global population of honeybees declines, Sustain Mizzou’s newest project will bring two hives to campus.

‘Teaching Green’ buildings important for future of green technology, study finds

Half of fossil fuel emissions in the U.S. are created by the electricity used to power non-environmentally friendly buildings.

Mizzou Stream Team to hold outdoor clean-up events at local waterways

Although the group is small, Mizzou Stream Team hopes to impact Missouri bodies of water in a big way through clean-up events.

Bike Share program hopes to expand with help of RHA

RHA Vice President Rachel Thomas said the second location could be near Bingham Commons or the North, Center and South area.

Peaceworks demonstrators protest climate change during rap battle

Even rap battle participants threw in a few rhymes about using less propane gas.

Green efforts increase in downtown Columbia

Columbia cuts costs and adds revenue with new, environmentally friendly changes including electric buses.

Brad 'N' Butter: Zero-waste grocery shopping

Columnist Brad Spudich on how to get groceries and save the Earth

Brad ‘N’ Butter: How to: stay warm this winter

Columnist Brad Spudich on how to go green, even when it’s gray out.

MU bleeds black, gold and green

The university was recently named one of Best College Rankings’ Top 100 “Green” colleges.

Brad ‘N’ Butter: Reducing waste to create free soil

MOVE columnist Brad Spudich builds a compost bin

Earth Hour reduces electric load

The event reduced Columbia’s electric load by 2.1 megawatts.

Seasonal Clothing Swap brings eco-friendly ideas and new wardrobe for students

The Environmental Leadership office is having its first clothing swap event Wednesday.

Wild & Scenic Film Fest returns

The Blue Note will screen environmentally-themed documentaries at film festival.

Thrift Shop Runway Review at The Shack

Environmental Leadership Office puts on second-hand fashion show.

Religious Studies lecture emphasizes religion in environmentalism

Kaza has authored several books, including "Hooked! Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire and the Urge to Consume."

Citizen proposes solutions to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Columbia’s emissions increased by 4.6 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Go green at Columbia Earth Day festival

The annual Earth Day festival is in its 22nd year.