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Board of Curators discuss mandated Title IX training, faculty retirement

“We’re trying to have the campuses do what’s best for their student population,” said Betsy Rodriguez, UM System vice president for human resource.

As 110 faculty retire, MU administration sees opportunity

“This is a truly extraordinary opportunity for the university,” Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said.

Faculty committee finds large differences in raise distribution across campus

A council survey found faculty, on average, believe the raise process isn’t fair and does not improve faculty morale.

Faculty Council spring agenda eyes diversity, Title IX, raises

Issues like cultural competency remain an important topic, but council members believe mandatory cultural competency courses are unrealistic.

Curators discuss tuition increase, new programs

Tuition is expected to increase between 1.8 to 3 percent across the system.

New committee tasked to investigate faculty-raise concerns

Tyrer said the three recent faculty raises being investigated have elicited a negative reaction from faculty members.

Faculty Council discuss Title IX, faculty compensation issues

MU is currently assessing 18 candidates for the Title IX administrator position.

Third provost candidate envisions AAU excellence, shared governance

Several faculty members expressed concern that AAU metrics are not representative of non-STEM departments.

MU announces buyout plan for tenured, retirement eligible

Basi said the UM System and MU currently estimate to spend about $10 million in buyouts.

MU faculty turnover a relatively rare occurrence

The faculty turnover rate at MU has been just 7 percent for three years.

Curators meet to address budget reduction, retirement benefits

The UM System is considering capping enrollment.

MU faculty salaries rank ninth in Big 12

The average salary for an MU professor is $111,216.

Faculty review diversity course requirement, grievance policy

Chancellor Brady Deaton and Budget Director Tim Rooney said faculty salaries were their "No. 1 priority."

MU's professors break national salary trends

MU medical professors make up 19 of top 20 professors salaries.

Tuition increase could affect faculty salaries

A tuition increase for the 2012 academic year could be used to pay professors more.

Concern heightens for lack of faculty pay increases

2010-11 will be the third consecutive year without salary increases for faculty.