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American Vogue needs to revert to its high-fashion roots

The appeal of working in print publishing has diminished with the digitalization of media.

‘Teaching from the Collections’ review: The elegance of 20th century fashion

Stephens’ fashion exhibition places three key designers in the spotlight.

Emergence of Wild West trend incites confusion

The appeal of looking like a farm hand escapes me.

‘2018 Show Me Fashion Extravaganza’ showcases local talent in beauty, fashion

This year’s theme of ‘boss moves meet in the middle’ aimed to represent the strong and hard-working hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers and models of Columbia, Missouri.

Hedi Slimane presents angering, insensitive collection at Celine

The new collection exhibits outdated and oversexualized clothes.

Summer to Fall: Fashion Transition Tips

Get creative with layering up your summer clothing to create an all-new outfit perfect for fall!

Textile and apparel management student reflects on New York Fashion Week

Mattix entered and won an essay competition sponsored by the department of textile and apparel management, MU Licensing & Trademarks and the Collegiate Licensing Company for a trip to Fashion Week on Sept. 8-10.

Mom jeans are back and better than ever

Give up your basic pants: mom jeans have returned

'#ThisIsAmerica': Fashion for diversity

Model Alejandra Lopez Mendoza: “Having a variety makes people more empowered, so hopefully this is a step forward.”

'#ThisIsAmerica' fashion show puts diversity first

Creative director Sydney Rosee: “Part of the fashion show is to promote unity and diversity and to showcase Muse Clothing in a different way.”

Fashionably Late: Celebrities, designers stun at Met Gala

Fashion’s biggest night did not disappoint.

Fashionably Late: Outfits you’ll see at a concert

The good, the bad and the so-so.

I've got MOVE to keep me warm

Check out our suggestions to repurpose your summer wardrobe for the winter.

Styled & Studied: Bring the table to your wardrobe

Columnist Lauren Williams brings in the holiday with a look at Thanksgiving food inspiration.

Styled & Studied: How to outfit yourself for a protest

Columnist Lauren Williams argues we can’t focus on chic fashion in the current period of campus turmoil

Styled & Studied: A step-by-step guide for baking a monochromatic outfit

Columnist Lauren Williams shares her recipe on how to create a freshly-baked monochromatic outfit.

An analysis of the Chanels’ Fashion

Columnist Lauren Williams analyzes the fashions of: Scream Queens.

Styled & Studied: Creative group costume ideas!

Columnist Lauren Williams suggests some rad group Halloween costumes featuring classic characters

Styled & Studied Sugghead1: Lizzie McGuire, explain yourself

Columnist Lauren Williams takes a look at one of fashion's biggest faux pas.

Students represent global styles while seeking to erase cultural appropriation

Culture Couture not only gave Andrew Pham the opportunity to proudly represent Vietnam, but delivered a warning to students that the traditional Vietnamese pieces are not meant to be packaged and shipped to costume warehouses.