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HBO star Issa Rae talks black women, feminism and finding confidence

Rae: “[There were] many different types of awkward black girls, but no black leads.”

Junior JoMerra Watson alters iconic paintings to confront contemporary issues

The series, “Rewrite,” displayed at MU’s Visual Art and Design Showcase, presents modern-day twists on popular paintings.

Doctoral student Rachel Grant dives into black feminism

Grant: “For me, Black History is every day. Not only because I am a black woman, but also that’s what I study.”

Celebrate girl power with these feminist jams

From Metric to Destiny’s Child, we’ve got you covered.

Column: Confessions of a modern-day woman

The real meaning behind the dreaded “F-word.”

Women in STEM at MU continue to break down barriers

These three students are plugging in, making an impact within their fields of study and encouraging young girls to do the same.

Nasty Women Art Exhibit opens downtown, showcasing local work

More than 50 pieces of art were on display opening night.

Feminist Student Union discusses sex work, sex workers and decriminalization

FSU co-president Lydia Ghuman: “Sex work is inherently linked to how women aren’t normally in control of their bodies or to have autonomy over their bodies.”

MU Women’s Center celebrates 40th anniversary

“It’s such a valuable resource on campus,” junior Darvia Okoroigwe said. “It’s like a hero that goes unrecognized a lot and I think it’s under pubbed, honestly. All of the staff here is so humble. They are silent leaders.”

Feminist Student Union hosts ecofeminism discussion

Over 35 students gathered in the Multicultural Center on Thursday to discuss how sustainability stretches beyond the environment.

Citizen Jane, Day One: Recap

The festival, featuring films made by female filmmakers, runs ‘til Sunday.

Don’t be scared of the ‘F-word’

Gender inequality in the United States has become an increasingly problematic issue, and it’s time that we do something about it.

Sharing stories and shattering the glass ceiling: #MOVEgoeslong No. 1: The Riveter

MU alumnae create longform magazine highlighting female voices

Pop Culture Shock: Olivia Wilde: “Kiss my smart ass”

MOVE columnist McKenna Bulkley on sexism and Olivia Wilde