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Feminist Student Union discusses sex work, sex workers and decriminalization

FSU co-president Lydia Ghuman: “Sex work is inherently linked to how women aren’t normally in control of their bodies or to have autonomy over their bodies.”

Lydia Ghuman talks about social justice advocacy and her changed view of MSA

Ghuman: “If you help the most marginalized group in any community, it’s going to help the most privileged as well. We are all tied together.”

Student organizations speak out against anti-abortion graphic images outside Student Center

Mizzou Students for Life helped bring the Genocide Awareness Project to campus in 2012 but do not support them being here this year.

MU Women’s Center celebrates 40th anniversary

“It’s such a valuable resource on campus,” junior Darvia Okoroigwe said. “It’s like a hero that goes unrecognized a lot and I think it’s under pubbed, honestly. All of the staff here is so humble. They are silent leaders.”

Feminist Student Union hosts ecofeminism discussion

Over 35 students gathered in the Multicultural Center on Thursday to discuss how sustainability stretches beyond the environment.

Mizzou Climate: feminist students find community within MU

The Feminist Student Union promotes discussion about what it really means to be a feminist.