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MU’s proposed required diversity course pilot is a promising development

Students have wanted this requirement as a means of promoting a campus-wide conversation on inclusivity for decades.

Ferguson Commission releases a reform report

The commission was created in hopes of solving racial issues in Missouri.

City officials, CPD criticize “Darren Wilson Day” Facebook post

The post has since been removed and the Columbia Police Officer’s Association said it was misinterpreted.

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch talks Ferguson at MU Law event

Following recent efforts to improve campus race relations, one protester said McCulloch’s visit “destroyed all of that.”

CPD continues to receive forfeited assets through ‘federal equitable sharing’ loophole

Since 2010, CPD has received $349,617 from federal equitable sharing funds.

Ferguson: A ticking time bomb

The recent report released by the Justice Department revealed a sickening pattern of racism in Ferguson’s police force.

‘Intergroup dialogue course’ among students’ requests to improve race relations

Students requested administration to create an “intergroup dialogue course” and reevaluate the way it recruits underrepresented students.

State office created in response to Ferguson remains unfunded

Nixon intended the Office of Community Engagement to work with Missouri communities on critical issues.

MU students host candlelight vigil in honor of Chapel Hill victims

Three Muslim students were shot in Chapel Hill, North Carolina this week.

Berkley Hudson brings life’s work to race relations committee

Faculty Council committee was established at Jan. 22 meeting to address race-related issues at MU.

Faculty Council discuss race relations, trouble rolling out Title IX training

A new committee will be dedicated to addressing race relations on campus.

Faculty Council spring agenda eyes diversity, Title IX, raises

Issues like cultural competency remain an important topic, but council members believe mandatory cultural competency courses are unrealistic.

Students hold march to ‘wage peace’

On social media, the event was referred to as “Our Stop Day.”

Law professor’s request to investigate student social media conduct denied

Wells said investigating students’ social media posts is “not what the Honor Code requires.”

All of us are responsible for campus culture

We should always be paying attention to our campus’ passionate advocates and taking advantage of campus resources.

MU4MikeBrown demonstration draws hundreds

The event began at noon and lasted for about an hour and a half.

Loftin vows to continue racial discussions amid criticism

“I characterized this as a listening session. It was not my intent to respond or speak. I will continue listening and gathering input. We will craft responses as appropriate as we go forward,” he said in a statement.

Students implore administration be proactive, not reactive

The “Ferguson Listening Session” on Monday highlighted an urgency to discuss solutions to racial issues on campus.

Local NAACP leads march to Boone County Courthouse

“We have to forgive each other,” Reverend Dr. Clanton C.W. Dawson Jr. said.

'We are not finished': Students march to City Hall after Brown decision

Another event hosted by MU4MikeBrown will be held at noon on Dec. 2 at the Student Center.