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Partial shutdown complicates financial aid process, research grants

The monthlong government shutdown has halted new research funding and slowed students’ ability to receive tax documents.

Chancellor Cartwright announces new financial aid packages for Pell-eligible students

“The grants use a combination of federal, state, and institutional resources to meet the cost of tuition and fees at Mizzou,” according to a Q&A provided by the News Bureau.

Changes to FAFSA aim to simplify the process

The Federal Aid Department moved the date of when the FAFSA opens forward and changed the required tax information.

Bright Flight scholarship faces potential reduction for spring semester

Students could potentially lose $300 in scholarship funds.

Kander hosts college affordability roundtable

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander estimated student debt totals $1.2 trillion nationwide.

Q&A: FAFSA changes for the 2017-18 award year

Student Financial Aid Director Nathan Prewett: “Students are going to be able to fill out their FAFSA a little bit earlier, and they’re going to be able to use tax information that’s already been completed.”

Student Debt Relief Act aims to aid graduate students

Of the $1.3 trillion in U.S. student debt, graduate students owe 40 percent of it on average, said Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia.

Government shutdown will not impact current financial aid

Questions about financial aid may go unanswered due to furloughs.

Misinformation exacerbates student debt peril

Tuition increase sends students in search of financial aid

The number of students applying for financial aid has increased yearly.