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Speakers on campus share controversial messages, displaying MU’s freedom of speech

While there are some restrictions on expressive actions, MU provides a fairly open platform to share ideas.

MU responds to white supremacy recruitment fliers

MU’s statement is rooted in First Amendment policy.

Kinder professors and Tribune editor discuss free speech in the digital era

Adam Seagrave: “A man has a property in his opinions. In this age of Twitter, Facebook and social media, behind every opinion is a person ... Even if it’s expressed online or through a computer screen, that’s still part of a person."

Campus speech restrictions should be loosened, Faculty Council says

The council unanimously sent two proposals to the Board of Curators and tabled two other recommendations for further discussion.

Proposed handbook changes will promote free speech

The proposal is a recommendation to remove or revise rules, such as a ban against using chalk on campus surfaces, that restrict free speech.

Seven stories likely to make news this fall at MU

After an eventful 2015–16 school year, this fall brings the possibility of more newsworthy events regarding administration and campus life.

New protest policies are too vague

The newly released recommendations by an ad hoc committee on the use of public spaces need to be more specific.

Committee releases proposed policy about free expression and public spaces

The policy is based in part on the Campus Free Expression Act, which allows for protests and events to take place almost anywhere on campus

Staff open forum addresses budget restraints, job security

Vice Chancellor of Operations Gary Ward: “We’ve got a dark cloud right now over the institution. We can’t sugarcoat that.”

Melissa Click suspended by UM System Board of Curators pending further investigation

Suspension comes after being charged for third-degree assault on Monday.

Committee formed to evaluate free speech policy on campus

The committee of 13 members will evaluate whether MU “responded appropriately to events this past fall.”

Protests prompt free speech discussion on campus

Communications law professor Sandy Davidson: “On a university campus we should try to elevate the ethical standards. We should have respect.”

Young Americans For Liberty Organize ‘Free Speech Wall’ for students

“The best way to counter what you think is bad speech is with more good speech,” said YAL President Ian Paris

To journalists covering Mizzou protests, please take a breath

Embrace complexity; sometimes a story is about more than right and wrong.

MUPD looks to address victims of hurtful speech

The director of the Missouri branch of the ACLU called MUPD’s efforts “too much and too little.”

With the passing of a new bill, students can hold protests all throughout campus

The passing of the Campus Free Expression Act makes Missouri only the second state in the country to protect students First Amendment rights in this manner.

When did freedom of speech become a privilege instead of a right?

An exploration of the parallels between censorship in China and the culture of political correctness in the US.

Symposium on Charlie Hebdo attacks, implications on free speech held at MU

The symposium included speeches from students, professors and professionals.