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Service plays essential role in learning at MU

Online resources like make it easier than ever for MU students to get involved with their community.

Keeping with tradition: MU customs and legends

From rubbing David R. Francis' nose to walking through the columns, here's everything you need to know about MU traditions.

From free throws to field goals: Your guide to MU stadiums

MU's sports facilities are fan-friendly and full of history.

Organizations offer religious outlets

A guide to religious organizations at MU.

Famous faces: a list of some of the movers and shakers on campus

You will likely encounter these folks during your years at MU.

Getting involved: A guide to MU student orgs

There are more than 600 student organizations available to join at MU.

Answer nature’s call in Columbia

Features like the MKT Trail and Rock Bridge State Park help satisfy a need to get away.

Fighting the Mizzou 22, one workout at a time

The rec center offers workout opportunities for athletes of all skill levels.

Learning at MU: A guide to studying in college

Part of studying is learning how to actually study.

Finding a job: where to look

Many students use on-campus employment to ease the costs of college life.

Going global: Making the most of your international education

Not a meat-lover? Not a problem

Dining halls and restaurants offer plenty of options to keep you from living off Ramen and Easy Mac.

Unleashing the tiger in you: Finding romance in the jungle

A Maneater's guide to the ins and outs of college dating.

From A to Z: A guide to life in Columbia

From Anheuser Busch to the Zou, there's a lot more to our school than just M-I-Z.

No parents, no problem: A guide to amenities around Columbia

Taking care of your basic necessities is easy once you know where to go around campus.