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Open studio allows art students to showcase work to public

The Association of Graduate Art Students hosted an open studio to assist art students with explaining their work to the public.

ThreadBare may stay longer than one year in Student Center

According to ThreadBare’s Instagram post: ThreadBare thrives to become “the most successful store in the Missouri Student Unions Entrepreneurial program’s history.”

Girls on the Run prepares for April 5K race

Young girls learn about healthy self-image, positive community and achieving goals in Columbia.

A letter from Brian Chervitz, president of MU Triangle Coalition

Men aren’t from Mars, women aren’t from Venus, and hey, none of the other genders are from space, either.

Men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus

How to learn to recognize the differences between men and women and then respond to those differences in a healthy and productive way

MU ought to promote its own gender inclusivity efforts more

Despite all the progress, gender neutrality doesn't seem to be on MU's radar.

Olmstead replaces Struble as new LGBTQ Resource Coordinator

The center will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

Truman’s Closet 'attacks' gender stereotyping with new label-free apparel

Truman’s Closet put their slogan ‘Find your strong suit’ into action with a new system that ensures all customers feel comfortable and safe in their environment.

ThreadBare, a gender-neutral consignment shop, tackles identity issues with affordable clothes

“At the end of the day, we are not here to celebrate sales and what we are selling,” co-founder Kyle Gunby said. “We are here to celebrate the person that is wearing what we are selling.”

Maneater Long Reads: Working While Female

Women are underrepresented in city of Columbia leadership positions, and they are paid proportionately less. The issue isn’t clear cut, though — and city leadership is working to bridge the gender gap.

The city and statewide efforts to lessen the gender pay gap are notable steps in the right direction.

Senate bill 144 and city wage changes have been a huge steps in the right direction - but there’s still work to do.

New legislation looks to reduce gender pay gap

The bill was voted ‘do pass’ in a April 14 committee meeting.

Research shows low female participation in engineering, other STEM fields

Current engineering students have seen an improvement in the industry’s diversity.

Women in Engineering Center hopes to change culture within the field

The center is funded by an anonymous donation of $330,000.

ResLife introduces first gender-neutral housing for fall 2015

Sixteen beds in suite-style housing at College Avenue and all bathrooms at the new Gateway Hall will be gender-neutral.

University adds preferred names for student systems, class rosters

The changes will benefit students whose legal names do not match their identity.

Gender is not binary

Restricting people to an assigned role in life is not acceptable