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Tuition frozen for next year’s undergraduates

The bill will not impact MU’s plans to cut $20 million from campus spending or impose a hiring freeze due to declining enrollment.

Patrick Graham named new student representative to Board of Curators

Graham’s term will last until Jan. 1, 2018.

House committee votes to deny UM System a budget increase

Rep. Kip Kendrick: “The mentality of doing damage to the University of Missouri because my colleagues in Jefferson City are upset with the university makes absolutely no sense.”

Curator appointments can’t wait

Missouri legislature must move past partisan motives and approve new curator selections.

Governor candidates foresee conservative future for state

Four out of the six candidates running for governor are Republican with very similar platforms.

Nixon proposes $5 million more for MU’s Thompson Center

The funding would boost treatments, community programs, trainings and research.

Nixon ‘optimistic’ in State of the State address

Nixon used his last address to praise progress and unveil his suggested budget.

Lawmakers call for end to racism, new leadership

Gov. Nixon and several legislators spoke out about Concerned Student 1950.

With the passing of a new bill, students can hold protests all throughout campus

The passing of the Campus Free Expression Act makes Missouri only the second state in the country to protect students First Amendment rights in this manner.

Ferguson Commission releases a reform report

The commission was created in hopes of solving racial issues in Missouri.

Higher education funding could increase 6 percent

For the fourth consecutive time, Gov. Jay Nixon proposed to freeze tuition fees and increase Missouri state funding.

Gov. Nixon’s son charged with DUI

Nixon was charged with a DWI the first time in May 2015.

Minimum wage laws in hands of city governments after after Gov. Nixon’s recent veto

Minimum wage increases at a local level could be possible throughout Missouri.

Nicole Galloway sworn in as Missouri State Auditor

Galloway said she’ll work toward protecting taxpayers’ money and holding government offices accountable.

Low state revenue stymies 50-50 fund match program

Gov. Jay Nixon has put a hold on all four 50-50 fund match capital projects approved by the legislature last year after tax revenue fell short of estimates.

State office created in response to Ferguson remains unfunded

Nixon intended the Office of Community Engagement to work with Missouri communities on critical issues.

ASUM continues lobbying legislators for student curator vote

Since 2002, 27 bills have tried and failed to place a voting student member on the Board of Curators.

Nixon appoints two new members to Board of Curators

The new appointees will replace two members who retired at the Dec. 12 meeting.

State must fund critical MU renovations

With three buildings in need of extensive repairs, state funding is imperative in putting the projects in motion.

Lafferre renovation to start early 2015

MU still has three buildings that have ranked 0.5 or higher on the Facilities Conditions Needs Index.