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Graduate workers hold second annual rally for graduate rights

Coalition of Graduate Workers co-chair Eric Scott: “Each one of us is not that powerful in comparison to the grand monolith of the university, but when we stand together, when we are united together, we are a power that can shake these columns.”

UM System will not recognize graduate worker union

An attorney for the UM System contacted the Coalition of Graduate Workers with the decision Friday, according to a news release.

Most Influential Students: Eric Scott and Connor Lewis

The co-chairmen of the Coalition of Graduate Workers have led the campuswide drive to unionize graduate student workers.

Most Influential Students: Jonathan Butler

Butler’s hunger strike fueled protests that led to the resignation of UM System President Tim Wolfe.

Mizzou in Review: Top five WTF moments

From a fired professor to a leaked confidential letter, MU ended up in some bizarre situations this year.

Graduate workers vote in favor of unionization

MU and UM System officials have said they will not recognize the election results.

Interactive Timeline: The Road to Unionization

Graduate workers have been working to form a union since last August.

As election approaches, tensions mount between grad students, university

In an interview with the Columbia Tribune on Friday, interim Chancellor Hank Foley said the university would not recognize the Coalition of Graduate Worker’s union authorization election being held this week.

Not an employee? My teaching record says otherwise.

As a teaching assistant, Sarah McCune argues why she should be recognized as an employee.

Graduate workers to hold union authorization election after year of administrative pushback

The UM System has retained outside counsel to help determine the employee status of graduate workers.

If Chadwick is an employee, then so are all graduate workers

The UM System cannot selectively call graduate workers employees only when it is convenient.

Graduate workers use #WeWantAVote to advocate for a union

The Coalition of Graduate Workers are pursuing legal clarification of employee status.

Student Debt Relief Act aims to aid graduate students

Of the $1.3 trillion in U.S. student debt, graduate students owe 40 percent of it on average, said Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia.

Graduate students still hope for university housing and childcare

The Task Force on the Graduate Student Experience’s report, released in December, outlines three main recommendations to improve graduate students’ quality of life.

MU grad student parents voice their opinions on the question of child care

Not all MU grad student parents agree with requests for affordable child care.

MU Administrators haven’t reviewed graduate satisfaction data in 12 years

“Personally, I’m sorry for what happened, I really am,” Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said.