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Foley: Graduate students aren’t workers

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley: “I am not for this union, let me say that. I think that graduate students should be graduate students first and workers second.”

Not an employee? My teaching record says otherwise.

As a teaching assistant, Sarah McCune argues why she should be recognized as an employee.

Student Debt Relief Act aims to aid graduate students

Of the $1.3 trillion in U.S. student debt, graduate students owe 40 percent of it on average, said Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia.

Our wishlist for MU’s new $1.3 billion campaign

Ellis Library, the Counseling Center and graduate students all deserve prioritization.

A graduate worker union matters for all MU students

Graduate student leaders Connor Lewis and Eric Scott talk unionization, graduate rights.

MU cannot continue to ignore the needs of student-parents

In the absence of an on-campus child care center, students with children have limited options.

MU Administrators haven’t reviewed graduate satisfaction data in 12 years

“Personally, I’m sorry for what happened, I really am,” Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said.

Graduate walkout only the beginning

Hundreds marched from the Quad to Traditions Plaza during Wednesday’s rally.

Graduate student unity is crucial to progress

It’s been a crazy week for our graduate students, but through all of the discord, we’re now seeing a united graduate student population.

Forum to be held on changes in graduate student health care policy

A subsidy that was once $3,051 has been replaced by a one-time payment of $1,240.

The Mizzou Store changes 2015 graduation gowns

Due to the change in gowns, students must purchase a Grad Pack for $74.99.

Students develop unique local campus weather service

Campus weather service provides a completely student-run forecasting service for MU students.

MU graduate students display their artwork

MFA students display their artwork at Bingham Gallery.

Bingham Gallery showcase gives insight into graduate artists' collections

"Idea: Ideals" lends opportunity to see what's to come from graduate students this semester.

Law School expects fewer applications

Law school application rates are down 12 percent nationwide.