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Department of Energy award takes MU Grad student to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Graduate student Alexander Myers will leave MU in January to study radioactive elements in a nationally-renowned lab.

Graduate students now have their health care subsidized indefinitely

Coalition of Graduate Workers Outreach Officer Joseph Moore: “We are employees, so we should be treated like employees.”

Graduate workers hold second annual rally for graduate rights

Coalition of Graduate Workers co-chair Eric Scott: “Each one of us is not that powerful in comparison to the grand monolith of the university, but when we stand together, when we are united together, we are a power that can shake these columns.”

MU graduate student program improves health care in rural Missouri

Health psychology professor Laura Schopp: “We can treat the whole person. We don’t have care fractured off into silos.”

Biggest Disappointment: Administrative responses last fall

It may be hard to have certain conversations, but it’s easier than having the two top administrators resign within 12 hours of each other.

If Chadwick is an employee, then so are all graduate workers

The UM System cannot selectively call graduate workers employees only when it is convenient.

Graduate student employees hold grade-in to make their work publicly known

Yes, they’re still mad.

Graduate students still hope for university housing and childcare

The Task Force on the Graduate Student Experience’s report, released in December, outlines three main recommendations to improve graduate students’ quality of life.

Foley guarantees graduate students at least one more year of health coverage

“We will continue to ensure that our graduate students have health insurance options competitive with our peer institutions,” Foley said in an email to graduate students and faculty Tuesday morning.

Counseling psychology department to offer Difficult Dialogues class

Professor Brandon Orr: “There is a need to move past empathy and towards competency.”

Mark McIntosh named interim vice chancellor for research, graduate studies and economic development

“I have the utmost confidence in Mark, and I’m very happy that he has accepted this appointment,” interim Chancellor Hank Foley said in a press release.

We cannot sit idly by while our fellow students are being exploited

Our graduate students are being exploited right under our noses, and too many undergraduates aren’t even aware of it.

MU grad student parents voice their opinions on the question of child care

Not all MU grad student parents agree with requests for affordable child care.

Graduate student unity is crucial to progress

It’s been a crazy week for our graduate students, but through all of the discord, we’re now seeing a united graduate student population.

Forum to be held on changes in graduate student health care policy

A subsidy that was once $3,051 has been replaced by a one-time payment of $1,240.

SHP considering new public health program

Hume and Kuhnert hope to start the new public health program by fall 2015.

College of Business launches new risk management program

MU joins about 60 other institutions across the U.S. with a risk management program.