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IFC dispels rumors about party ban

Vice President of Risk Management Ryan O’Connor said Greek men have the sizable responsibility of knowing all the policies that apply to them.

IFC bans hard liquor in fraternity houses

The new rule goes further for Greek safety than consortium proposals, PHA spokeswoman said.

Summit unites Greek student leaders, alumni, administration in tackling sexual assault

“I think this could be a national model,” Scroggs said. “Within a year, they’re going to be saying ‘Let’s do things like the University of Missouri.’ That’s our goal. We intend to be the national model.”

Survey shows majority of students think consortium’s proposals would be ineffective

The survey had more than 1900 responses, many of which came from the Greek community.

Greek Life proposals part of larger effort to address campus assault

The consortium’s proposals are not the only steps taken to reduce sexual assault during Loftin’s time at MU, but they are the most radical.

PHA’s sexual violence education plan won’t be ‘one size fits all’

The initiative was developed in coordination with the RSVP Center and Title IX Office.

Read the Fraternity Alumni Consortium's proposals for Greek Life

The proposed restrictions on fraternities, which the consortium spokesman said are not ready for implementation, would take effect this fall.

PHA and IFC ‘strongly disagree’ with proposed regulations

Update: Consortium spokesman Ted Hellman said in an email Saturday drug testing is “no longer being considered as a policy proposal.”

Greek community expresses outrage over proposed regulations

Proposed restrictions would apply to alcohol, out-of-town formals and women visiting fraternity houses on weekend nights.